AddedValue Digital Innovation Hub

Added Value Economics Research and Development Institute Association is the coordinator of the AddedValue Digital Innovation Hub (in the following: AddedValue DIH). This is a regional network of the most prestigious research and innovation organisations.

AddedValue DIH caters for the specific needs and gaps of enterprises in its region, (nationally and globally) particularly SMEs, manufacturing companies and stakeholders nationwide. AddedValue DIH is supporting the manufacturing industry in all economic sectors. In addition, key sectors highlighted in Smart Specialisation Strategy will be supported, including artificial intelligence. Moreover, key sectors with increased economic output such as public administration, information technology will also be supported.

The AddedValue DIH is a non-profit organization with legal personality, institutionalized, charitable public benefit organization. It is a research and knowledge-dissemination, completely transparent.

AddedValue DIH in Füzesgyarmat and in Budapest offers “one-stop-shop” service – in cooperation with partner organisations in Hungary and abroad – for companies, associations that are looking for practical solutions for their problems when new innovative methods and modern (often digital) technologies can increase the efficiency and/or reduce the environmental impact of industrial production. It can provide practical advice and support to the SMEs in the region (nationally and globally) for their activities in digital technology development. It has experience in developing competitiveness of businesses and transforming them into policy inputs. 2000 SMEs received innovation benchmarking and mentoring services in the previous funding period.

AddedValue DIH partnership hub has a broad access to regional and national SMEs. It has over a decade of experience with SME innovation management and benchmarking. The number of the pool partners exceeds 2000, covering all strategic sectors of the Hungarian economy. There are ongoing activities related to the SMEs at AddedValue DIH. It also supports a living, innovation-oriented partnership pool, which is a solid platform for the AddedValue DIH. It is a regular form for sharing insights and know-how.

Link to national or regional initiatives for digitising industry

The long term objective is to play an active role in transnational cooperation for innovation in Central Europe as a regional center for industrial digitalization and open innovation. AddedValue DIH is initiated under the Hungarian IPAR4.0 Technology Platform to have direct access to the latest information about the national trends and initiatives for industrial digitalization in Hungary.

AddedValue DIH cooperates with IFKA (Public Benefit Non-Profit Ltd. for the Development of Industry) in the implementation of GINOP (a national project that develops pilot solutions for IPAR4.0 in Hungary).The DIH is linked to the GINOP. The aim is to enhance innovation and renew services for improved productivity; growth and employment creation.

The AddedValue DIH’s activities are in line with the following initiatives:

• (Széchenyi 2020 – National Development Program of Hungary)

 • (The National Research, Development and Innovation Office)

 • (The Programme of National Cooperation)

AddedValue DIH’s projects in 2018-2020:

(i) Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry DT-ICT-01-2019: Smart Industry Everywhere under the Horizont 2020 program ,,D-INCH-projekt” Dimitar Paunov European Integration and European Projects Directorate Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry 9 Iskar Str., 1058 Sofia, Bulgaria Tel.: +359 2 8117553 Fax: +359 2 9873209 Website:

(ii) Austrian Chamber of Agriculture ,,SmartAgrihubs’’ European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 818182 Martin Hirt Austrian Chamber of Agriculture (LKO) Landwirtschaftskammer Österreich Schauflergasse 6 1015 Vienna Tel. +43 1 53441 8768 Fax +43 1 53441 8569 Mobil +43 676 83441 8768 ZVR: 729518421 DVR: 0416649

(iii) Zabala Innovation Consulting ,,European Open Innovation Network’’ Call H2020-INNOSUP-2018-2020, topic: INNOSUP-07-2019 European Open Innovation network in advanced technologies Irene Aranaz R&D and Innovation Consultant Zabala Innovation Consulting Paseo Santxiki, 3 bis  E-31192 Mutilva (Navarra) Spain T (+34) 948 198 000, IARANAZ@zabala.e

(iv) SMOOTH projekt: SMOOTH is an Innovation Action funded within the H2020-DS08-2017 programme. It is supported by twelve partners from six European countries: Fundació Eurecat (ES), Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (ES), Katholieke Universitet Leuven (BE), Naver Labs Europe (FR), NEC Laboratories Europe GmbH (DE), Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (ES), IMDEA Networks Institute (ES), Asociación Española de Normalización (ES), Fundingbox (PL), European Small Bussiness Alliance (BE), Data State Inspectorate (LV), LSTech España (ES). This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 786741.

Contact Details: ,,

(v) I4MS Coordination and Support Action

The I4MS Initiative has recently launched the Supportive Partners Programme to extend its network and to support entities working to make an impact in the digitization of the European manufacturing industry. I4MS is one of the key initiatives of the European Commission to shape the pan-European network of Digital Innovation Hubs.

Marc Torre European Projects M.+34 607 211 935 T.800 760 180 DDI. +34 935 157 359 Roc Boronat 117, 08018 Barcelona, Spain Plaza Manuel Gómez Moreno s/n, 28020 Madrid, Spain

(vi)  VOJEXT “Value Of Joint Experimentation in digital technologies for manufacturing and construction”. DT-ICT-03-2020 “I4MS (phase 4) – uptake of digital game changers” Area: Cognitive autonomous systems and human-robot interaction

AddedValue DIH’s member of the External Expert Advisory Board of the VOJEXT project.

VOJEXT’s Consortium: Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (ES) – coordinator; Fortiss GmbH (DE);Siec Badawcza tukasiewicz – Przemystowy Instytut Automatyki i Pomiarow (PL); Pole EMC2 (FR); Prensilia s.r.l (IT); The Shadow Robot Company Limited (UK); Robotnik (ES); Istituto Italiano di Tecnologfa (IT);Tree Technology SA (ES); Technovative Solutions (UK); Scuola Superiore di Studi Universitari e di Perfezionamento Sant’Anna (IT); Kontor 46 sas (IT); F6S Network Limited (IE); Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BG); Waag (NL); PEMU Plastic Processing Co. Ltd. (HU);  Acciona Construccion SA (ES); Mercedes-Benz (TK)

Javier Gutiérrez Meana  R&D Project Manager Tree Technology  We Deal With Data Tel.: +34 902 286 386 · +34 985 966 136 Parque Tecnológico de Asturias · CL Faya 18 33428 Llanera · Asturias (Spain) MBA Eng Maria Eugenia (Xenia) Beltran (

(vii) Got AddedValue’s contribution in the study: „How the Digital Transformation can put humans at the centre of robotics and automation – collaboration between humans and machines for better quality products and services” commissioned by the European Economic and Social Committee. (Ab.Acus srl and Wise Angle Consulting sl.)

Alessandro Corsello  Project and Financial Manager Phone (ES) +34 672474542 | (IT) +39 3496294442 Skype alessandro.corsello Calle Jaume Balmes, 36 08330 Premià de Mar Barcelona.

(viii) Horizon 2020 Call: H2020-ICT-2018-20
Topic: ICT-58-2020 International partnership building between European and African innovation hubs (1): Artificial network in Agrifood sector
Type of action: IA

Added Value Economics Research and Development Institute Association and AddedValue Digital Innovation Hub’s (HU) teaming agreement/consortium member with Bar Ilan University(Israel), Laurea University of Applied Science(Finland), Compedia Software and Hardware Development Ltd.(Israel), Iceaddis IT Consultancy PLC(Ethiopia), Euroconsultants S.A.(Greece), The Centre for Research and Technology Hellas(Greece), African Diaspora Policy Center(Netherlands), Saeio Global Ltd.(Nigeria), HiED Kenya(Kenya),

(ix) Horizon 2020 Call: H2020-ICT-2018-20
Topic: ICT-58-2020 International partnership building between European and African innovation hubs (2): Artificial network in Pharmaceutical sector
Type of action: IA

Added Value Economics Research and Development Institute Association and AddedValue Digital Innovation Hub’s (HU) consortium member with: Edelweiss Connect(Switzerland), NaturAI(Hungary), Charité(Germany), Eurosafe(France), University of Milan(Italy), Leiden University( Netherlands), University of Nigeria(Nigeria), Qiesto(Nigeria), The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research(South Africa), University of Pretoria(South Africa), Parceval(South Africa), University of Cape Town(South Africa)

Timea Polgar, MSc, PhD Director NaturAI
+1 929 355 8238 | +36 30 281 7235

(x) Horizon 2020-EU.2.1.1. Call: Grant Agreement no 872548. DiH4CPS. Fostering DIHs for Embedding Interoperability in Cyber-Physical Systems of European SMEs.

Type of action:IA

Added Value Economics Research and Development Institute Association and AddedValue Digital Innovation Hub’s (HU) consortium member with JSR MOL Zrt. (, CREOGROUP.EU kft (

Link to the RIS3 (2014-2020)

Smart Specialisation Strategies (also known as RIS3 or S3,in the 2014‐2020 programming period) that AdeddValue DIH’s activities are aligned with:

In the National Smart Specialisation Strategy: Specialization:Sustainable society.

Main directions of the sectoral renewal: It provides innovative answers to societal challenges. It promotes the sectors with the instruments of follow‐up innovation sectors, making the environment liveable and increasing the retention force of the region through the utilization of the latest research results, the use of modern technologies, equipment, and materials and social innovation.

Spreading diversification: exploitation of the synergies of a new and an old activity (focusing and the spillover effects). Laying the radically new foundations of a traditional area: R&D and innovation can make a specific low‐growing socio‐economic activity suddenly more attractive or more valuable than before.

National Priorities: Horizontal Priorities:

ICT (infocommunication technologies) & Services.Infocommunication technologies in support of the sectoral priorities, infocommunication technologies and services: Infocommunication technologies extensively encompass and support the sectoral priorities, such as  “smart city” in the energy domain.

The following solutions can be such ICT solutions that cannot be linked to sectoral priorities in an unambiguous way or can be linked to more sectors (these are just a few examples, not an exhaustive list): smart business, company, home;  smart city;  information security, security technology; gamification, simulation and optimisation technology; e‐learning systems; big data;  data mining; software development;  remote monitoring system;  cloud computing; intelligent transport; development of mobile applications, location‐based services; 3D GIS; “Internet of things”;  future internet; 5G technologies;  remote sensing; computer‐based instruments and measurement and process control improvements; numerical modelling and simulation; machine learning;  data centres, data transmission networks.

In addition to infocommunication technologies, services – mostly using ICT tools – without which the given complex (sectoral) RDI process could not be implemented constitute the other side of technological horizontal priority. The aim of the horizontal priority is to enable the service sector, which is a key sector of the national economy, to facilitate the implementation of complex RDI activities.

Inclusive and sustainable society, viable environment education and training, health‐conscious education and prevention, awareness raising, promoting entrepreneurial skills,development of cooperation, networking, organization and management development, social innovation, connection to local and regional development programmes, regional development, tourism: The societal horizontal priority sets such comprehensive objectives that have been highly emphasized by the participants in the EDP process in every sector affected by the national priorities; and they have to be realized in order to create an inclusive and sustainable social model to every citizen. The National Smart Specialisation aims to comply with the newest innovation model directions, i.e., so‐called “quintuple helix” within the target system belonging to this priority. (“The quintuple helix model contributes to the alignment of ecological efficiency, knowledge and innovation, thus creating a synergy between economy, society and democracy.”)

(Source: National Smart Specialisation Strategy,  Regulation (EU) No 1303/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 December 2013 laying down common provisions on the European Regional Development Fund, the European Social Fund, the Cohesion Fund, the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund and laying down general provisions on the European Regional Development Fund, the European Social Fund, the Cohesion Fund and the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund and repealing Council Regulation (EC) No 1083/2006

Service Examples

Digital Business Planning: Creating Digital Platforms

Digital Business Planning: Creating Digital Platforms: more efficient, easier administration for SME finance. AddedValue DIH has created a digital platform that makes it easier for businesses to streamline their business processes, saving time and money. The operation of businesses has become more efficient and cost-free. The Businesses are able to handle their affairs flexibly thanks to digital administration. The application is applied to 2000 SMEs.

Client profile: SMEs.

Client needs: Diagnosing company internal and external operations using digital platforms.

Provided solution to meet the needs: AddedValue DIH has been able to develop software that can be used to diagnose the Company’s internal and external operations using digital platforms. The company has become even more successful and can get an accurate picture of its operation.

More details:

Industrial Case Example: Consciousness Selection System

Industrial case example where AddedValue DIH has offered access to facilities to an SME to test the latest digital technologies and/or develop a prototype:

Client profile: Financial advisory companies as: ALQD in diem vendo Bt, Foster Kft. (Post Office Box Addresse: Vécsei utca 8, 5525, Hungary)

Client needs: Financial and business modeling with data mining tools and designing tools for deep learning.

Provided solution to meet the needs:With the help of AddedValue DIH and its toolkit, we managed to create the software and conduct complete modeling. The results can also be implemented in real-time enterprise operation.

More details:

ADDED VALUE SMEs Business System Application for Artificial Intelligence


The development of the Added Value SMEs system Application for Artificial Intelligence (hereinafter: A.V.A.I.) conforms to Hungarian as well as European economic, digital and Artificial Intelligence strategies.

Our main goal is to create a platform applying Artificial Intelligence, which assists in providing the fullest possible service for the users to manage their basic business processes quickly and smoothly. As a result of this the user will be able to increase its business profitability and revenues, with secure and sustainable operation as well as become more conscious.

Currently 200 small and medium size businesses access the application and the services provided by A.V.A.I., which bank and insurance systems cannot manage and serve.

A.V.A.I. satisfies user needs and is tailored for the user, it is an up-to-date, online task solving system.

We develop the system continuously. This means growth in the number of services as well as the number of users.

Client profile: Hungarian SMEs

Client needs: AI Digitalization

More details:

More details:


The AI Business School and Academy has been launched for the development of companies’ personnel competencies. It is available to companies and offers workspace and software’s. The company can utilize the laboratory in developing its own industrial internet and digital manufacturing solutions. The upgrade of competence is supported by experts of the DIH. It helps company personnel network with each other.

Client profile: European SMEs and European DiHs

Client needs: Digitalization

More details:

More details:

,,Consciousness: Road to the Unified Field. Data Mining, Artificial Network and International Business Planning” Training course for SMEs, for DIHs

Training Objectives: The most significant background motivational force of AddedValue DIH’s training course is GNR, the advent of artificial intelligence, which AddedValue DIH considers to be the most important transformation of the century. Data mining instruments become the driving force of development. Companies use systems applying artificial intelligence for intelligent data mining in every sector of industry. This intelligent data mining allows the system to make astonishingly accurate predictions regarding what quantity will be needed of each product in specific size businesses. In this correlation the system of relationships transforms from the aspect of consciousness as well.

Client profile: European SMEs and European DiHs

Client needs: What is consciousness and how it becomes applicable to organizations.

Provided solution to meet the needs: Conscioussness: supports understanding the basic functionality of the technology and its fields of application. Configuration: supports the process of determining how a technology is implemented in a real manufacturing setting. It includes the creation of a business case. Implementation: supports the implementation and installation of the technology in an industrial setting. Operation: supports knowing how to operate the technologies during daily operations.

More details:

More details:

Digital Maturity Assessment and Mentoring Services Center

The manufacturing SME companies needs to have sufficient understanding of their current digitalization status in order to proceed to the next steps towards to Industry 4.0. The digital maturity assessment mapping can be implemented within the Added Value Digital Innovation Hub. Companies can develop the use of digital manufacturing and industrial internet in their production, products, services and businesses based on results of the assessment. Added Value Digital Innovation Hub offers mentoring for these type of development projects.

Client profile: European SMEs and European DiHs

Client needs: Digitalization

More details:

More details:

Added Value Media Center

Added Value considers important to learn the deepest possible knowledge, continuous self-education, and providing all of these continuously, conveying knowledge, consciously shaping public opinion that results in consciousness. For this purpose we operate video, music, science and stream channels:

Video: Provides assistance in getting to know video content connected to Artificial Intelligence, and the dissemination of such knowledge.

Music: A channel serving the needs of those who desire relaxation, which presents music that includes some created by Artificial Intelligence.

Science: Presents scientific achievements connected to Artificial Intelligence.

Stream: Provides real-time radio and TV programming to the Public.

Client profile: European SMEs and European DiHs

Client needs: Digitalization

More details:

More details:

Digital Artificial Intelligence Development:Consciousness Selection System

Machine Learning and Digital Artificial Intelligence Development: A conscious and non-conscious business process at an international corporate level that can be adopted for the Hungarian SME system. (PHD research)

The application is applied to 2000 SMEs. Artificial platform helps businesses in their operation, how to be more conscious. How to plan and how digitization can help.

Client profile:ALQD in diem vendo Bt.(Post Office Box Addresse: Vécsei utca 8, 5525, Hungary)

Client needs:Designing, analyzing, predicting, real-time, conscious financial, business, and other operations.

Provided solution to meet the needs: The software system uses the relationships of its 10,000,000 financial data selected from the Orbis system. The system detects changes and makes decisions as a stand-alone decision to make the company more successful. By using the software, the company has more consciously planned its business and is even more successful in the market sector where it operates.

Laskai, András (2019): Consciousness and the International Business Planning. International Journal of Science and Business, 1 (3), 1–6.

Laskai, András (2019): Consciousness system approaches and the financial instruments. International Journal of Science and Business, 1 (3), 7–16. 10.5281/zenodo.2528355

Laskai, András (2019): AI  foundations of the international business planning and the AI consciousness model. International Journal of Science and Business, 3 (1), 17-28.

More details:

More details:

More details:

Financial Follow Up Platform:

Client profile: financial advisory companies as: ALQD in diem vendo Bt, Foster Kft. (Post Office Box Addresse: Vécsei utca 8, 5525, Hungary)

Client needs: Digitizing real-time financial advice

Provided solution to meet the needs: One of the most important elements of financial advisory (insurance broker) is providing real-time and accurate customer information. How to solve it with digitization. With digitalization, the company saves time and capital and makes more efficient acquisitions on the market.

More details:

More details: