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,,To my father (1948–2016†)


Is the world perceivable to us the entirety of the phenomena created by the human brain, or is it a projection by our brain of a predestined, prearranged consciousness that is independent of us?

Is the human brain not the starting point of creating thoughts and abstract concepts, rather the interpreting receptor of a sea of thoughts and consciousness? Is the human brain a transponder, which projects this limitless consciousness in the form of the world that appears in front of us?

In reality, is it consciousness itself that is capable of creating the stationary waves which comprise matter, the complete electromagnetic spectrum that we know as the material world, and of course the physical body as well as the brain? Thus, are the abstract systems of concepts regarded to be a creation of the human world of thoughts, such as an international corporation, the system of business and finance, a part of this consciousness? Are the functions of these characterized by conscious design (BEHE 1996)?

Neuroscientists examine the top product of the evolution of matter, the human brain, our organ through which our soul is manifested toward the material world, and which is capable of producing functions that would be impossible by any other biological or chemical substances. If a neuroscientists discovers brain cell networks, it is hard for him to imagine how new thoughts will be created by them, how can a brain cell network pose questions like what is the purpose of life. No matter how complex product of evolution the human brain is, it is incapable of creating a nonmaterial entity – let’s call it mind, self-consciousness, free will, soul, but mostly the combination of all these –, which then conversely acts as a controller of the brain cell networks. The pinnacle of the evolution of matter, the human brain became suitable to manifest the soul origination from the creator towards the material world and most importantly towards other souls. (SZŐNYI 2011, FREUD 2005).

The human brain not produces rather accommodates our soul that exists outside of the dimensions of time-space. (SZŐNYI 2011, FREUD 2005).

The greatest mystery is the reason for the creation of the conscious human with free will, as well as the origins, purpose and fate of our soul. (SZŐNYI 2011, FREUD 2005).”

Source: Dr. András Laskai:    The Financial Instruments of Business Plans: A Mindful International Perspective. University of Sopron Alexandre Lamfalussy Faculty of Economics. István Széchenyi Management and Organisation Sciences Doctoral School. PhD Dissertation. Sopron, 2019.